Allow binding Win+X shortcuts (non-global)

I can't figure out how to rebind two-key combos with Win, e.g., Wino
I see Win+[ prompt in the Hotkey field, but it never completes.
Even tried using Autohotkey to rebind Wino to Ctrlo, and I see Ctrl + O flash momentarily, but then it reverts back to an unfinished prompt Win+[
3-letter combos with Win work, but that's 1 key too many :slight_smile:

You can only use the Windows key with system-wide hotkeys (which you can make via Customize > Keys).

It can also depend on Opus and Windows versions, as we have to do things to intercept those keys before Windows itself sees them, and this also gets broken in new Windows versions sometimes.

For a more simple life, use any other key. :slight_smile:

I see, but I don't need them system-wide, they are only in-Opus operations

Is there a way to disable that interception? I think AHK is more than capable of blocking Windows from molesting those windows key combos if needed (I don't think I have any global DOopus shortcuts as I define global opus shortcuts via AHK as well), and single-modifier keybinds are way too useful to be left unbound

Opus only intercepts (where needed) the keys it’s configured to use, so it won’t do any interception if there aren’t any system-wide hotkeys involving the Windows key.

Oh, I see, so then why are the Win+X keys disabled for local shortctuts?

Because Opus only supports Win keys for global shortcuts.