Allow decimal point in slide show speed settings

It would be very helpful if Dopus allowed a decimal point in slide show speed. This would allow speeds below one second.

Using a different program (Thumbsplus) I usually set it to 0.50 seconds. In cases where a photographer snaps away without much change in content, I usually set it at 0.25 or 0.35. I've even set it as quickly as 0.10 seconds, but only if overall color mood is more important than content, and I have to review hundreds of photos to find the right mood.

Of course, how quickly a program can load photos to display them plays a part in slowing down a slide show. But with smaller photos this is not an issue.

While we can't easily do this for 12.8, due to it needing changes to the config dialog when we've already started language translations, it seems like a reasonable idea for a later version.

In the meantime, moving through images using the mousewheel or by holding the spacebar is probably the quickest way to rapidly move through the stack.

I've used FastPictureViewer in the past for this particular use case and it worked very well.
I used it with As Fast As possible settings, and I could see a movie of the images snapped by the cctv camera. It was great for occasional use.

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We can do this without a new string I think, so it will be in 12.7.3.

Thanks for looking into this.

Also, I'll add a clarification in case my first message was not detail enough. In the interface where the user selects the speed, I'm not asking for change in the number list that users navigate the small up and down arrows. I'm only asking that I be allowed to type a decimal number into the setting box and then Dopus be able to use this to set the speed.

Yep, that's what it'll do.

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Thanks for adding this. I've been using it for awhile and it works great!

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