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My Opus certificate status indicates it is valid for Opus 12.0 for 2 computers (plus 1 personal PC). I am at that 3-computer limit and plan to update one of mine and give the old one to a family member. My questions are:

  1. If I want to remove Opus from the donated machine, is there something extra I must do (besides just removing it) to release that license for an install on the new machine?
  2. If I want to retain Opus on the old machine and add another license is $53.40 for an added one or is there a discount since I am adding to a Opus Pro Dual license.

  1. Uninstalling it is all you need to do.

  2. You can get a price on adding additional licences here:

    Note that the licence terms may not apply to another person using it in another location. They would probably need their own separate licence, depending on the exact situation.

    For sales/licencing questions that aren't covered in Common purchasing, upgrading and licensing questions the best thing to do is drop an email to sales@ with details and they can give a personalised and definitive response. The forum is more for the tech support side of things.


thank you