Alt-DriveLetter stopped working for just my R:\ drive!

I have my Synology "server" drive mapped to several different drive letters & they used to ALL work fine. Yesterday - out of the blue - Alt-R flashes on Leo's "Select" button and then nothing happen.

...Around the same time, I put my security program eSet back into "Learning Mode" & it requires me to go into "UAC" and one time, tired of constantly using my mouse I tried Alt-R (I wasn't in Opus at the time, although it's ALWAYS open when my computer is started. If this is somehow related - how do I reset it? I followed the Help for Hotkeys, but it IS set to Alt-R to get me to the R:\ drive. No problem for my S:, N:, M:\ & I:\ - also no problem to get to my P:\ external drive.

I'm running Opus Beta image

Drive letters are system wide. Does this only affect Opus, or everything else as well?

What does Alt-R do on your system? It doesn't do anything here. Is that part of Opus or some other tool?

Sorry, but I don't use Alt-R for anything else but Opus. Where else could I try it? It's not something I've ever set up or played with, even though of course in order to get Windows to behave "properly" I have to configure all sorts of things that have stupid defaults like not showing file extensions etc

Is Alt-R a hotkey you've created yourself or something?

It isn't one of the standard hotkeys in Opus, so I don't know exactly what we are talking about here.

If it's a hotkey you've made yourself, what does it run? What does it look like in the hotkey editor?

Is the R:\ drive itself working if you navigate to it via other methods, or does it not work at all?

Problem solved!! It's in one of your two "standard" toolbars - to switch drive letters from any tab in Opus, Alt+drive letter. I never set this us - nor the ones to get to my N:, M:\ or I:\ drives (mapped) - as well as the many external drives I use, all with fixed drive letters I've assigned.

Anyway, the problem was apparently caused on my new Lenovo tower, because I got it with a Radeon graphics key. Today I accidently learned that unless set differently, Radeon software uses Alt-R to go to full screen mode!

That isn't in any of the standard toolbars to my knowledge. There's a Drives toolbar which comes with Opus, but that isn't on by default and I don't think it defines any hotkeys (and doesn't seem to when I turn it on to test now, either).

It might have come from someone else's toolbar or config, if it's not something you made yourself but you imported one of the ones people shared here on the forum or somewhere like the DearOpus site.

Ah, that explains it! Thanks for mentioning it, as it might help someone else with the same problem!