Alt-left-click on folder anomaly in single click mode

In the manual/help file in The Lister -> Double-Click on Folders it is stated that the following actions have the indicated effect:

Double-click: Open in same Lister
Shift - double-click: Open in new Lister
Ctrl - double-click: Open in dual file mode
Alt - double-click: Calculate the size of the folder

I think the last one is outdated. In The Lister -> Folder Tabs, it is stated that [quote]alt-double-click action for folders defaults to Go NEWTAB to open the double-clicked folder in a new tab (previously this action defaulted to GetSizes).[/quote]

Let's assume that thje fourth line above really should be

Alt - double-click: Open in new tab

The real point of this post is that if single-click mode is in effect, the first three actions listed above happen if "single-click" is substituted for "double-click".

However, in the case of "Alt - single-click", nothing happens until Alt is released. Then the folder is opened in the current tab, not a new tab.

I'd think perhaps since for the first three actions in the table in The Lister -> Double-Click on Folders double-click in double-click mode and single-click in single-click mode produce identical results, the same should be true for the fourth action.

Thanks for the report, I can confirm this and we'll have a fix for it in the next version.