Alternate way of opening files than using "Enter" key alone?

My problem is this: Often I need to delete a lot of media files. If I mark them and hit shift-delete to erase them, it sparks a prompt asking if I really want to delete. So I hit Enter at the prompt and Dopus goes about deleting the files.
Except when I'm too quick and hit Enter out of habit, before the prompt has time to show up. This instead causes Dopus (Windows?) to start opening every file - causing hundreds of instances of media players to attempt to spawn at the same time. Leading to a system freeze.

I hope the solution lies with how Dopus opens files. Is there a setting I can change, so Dopus no longer opens files with Enter? Perhaps it could be required to hit CTRL+Enter to open files, to avoid this kind of disaster if I hit the Enter button prematurely with hundreds of files selected.

You can set this up under Settings > Customize Toolbars > Keys.

Create a new Lister Hotkey and assign Enter to it. Leave the command blank.

Create another one for whatever you want to use instead, and set the command to:

FileType ACTION=dblclk

Since the Enter key normally clicks OK in dialogs, to set the hotkey field to something involving Enter, click the \/ icon on the right of the hotkey field to open a menu with options for special keys, including the Enter key.

Thank you! Works perfectly.