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Alternating easily between recycle and delete - how?

I often wish to delete without recycling. I have buttons to recycle and securely delete. I've read the help section yet can't find the command that easily allows me to alternate between delete (not the secure version that rewrites many times) and recycle. Ideas?

The default delete button runs Delete SHIFT which (like in Explorer) will bypass the recycle bin if you hold shift when you click it.

(If the recycle bin is enabled, that is. I think it may bypass the confirmation window if Opus is set not to use the recycle bin by default.)

If that isn't what you want then you could create separate buttons or hotkeys. The delete command has RECYCLE and NORECYCLE arguments that let you make it behave differently to your default settings. You could also have a three-button which does a recycle on the left-click and no-recycle on the right-click.

How do I create a three-button mode for the delete button - and how does it work? I read the help passage and the delete button does have three modes but the buttons on my mouse (left middle right) don't perform as I expect they might. I highlight the file and both right and left click both send file to recycle bin. The middle button sends the screen back one step to previous stage.

How do I create an additional button for the toolbar with the delete only function? Sorry to be dense, I've read the help file and still am scratching my head. Thanks!

Your middle button must be configured to do "back" or something similar instead of acting as a generic third button. (See here for a bit more info.)

Check out the Toolbar editing video tutorial which demonstrates creating three-buttons.

You'll want Delete NORECYCLE on one of the buttons and Delete RECYCLE on the other one.