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Is it possible to always show the contents of Favorites but allow settings to control the specific operation of all other tree folders? I'd like to keep Favorites always shown, after all they are my favorites, but would also like to specifically set how other folders work. Thanks in advance

If they're turned on in the folder tree they should be available all the time. When you say they aren't being shown, do you mean they aren't in the tree at all? Or they're scrolled out of view? Or the Favorites branch is in the tree, but collapsed? Or something else?

Hi Leo, thanks for getting back to me.
Sorry, what I meant is that it is collapsed and I have to select it or double click on it to expand it, I just want that branch always to show irrespectrive of any other brach setting I put in place, so maybe an option to force Favorites to remain expanded no matter what:-)


If you expand the main Favorites branch and close the window, that will usually be remembered for when you open a new window.

If not, use Settings > Set as Default Lister to explicitly save the change. (Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister is probably off, in that case.)

If that still has no effect, you may be opening a saved layout rather than the default lister, in which case you need to re-save the layout with the tree branch expanded.

Many thanks Leo, that did the trick.

As always fantastic support - best I've seen with any app!!!

Have a good 'locked-down' day!

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