Always keep left pane on Dual vertical de-activate

Hello and thanks for this excellent piece of software! I only wish I had found it earlier :slight_smile:

My question is whether it is possible to always keep the left pane/column when I de-activate the Dual vertical mode? I sometimes have the right window "highlighted" and end up having to find my way back to the folder I was originally in.

Thanks in advance!

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If you're closing the second file display using the toolbar button or a hotkey (rather than the close button on the file display itself), it keeps the source side by default, but you can change that by editing the button or hotkey's command (Settings > Customize Toolbars).

The default toolbar button for toggling the vertical dual file display runs this:

Set DUAL=Toggle,Vert,Remember,ToggleLayout

If you add ,Right to it, it will always be the right side which is closed, regardless of which is active:

Set DUAL=Toggle,Vert,Remember,ToggleLayout,Right