Always sort folders alphabetically <-> sort them according to column sorting

Hello, I find myself both in situations where I want to keep folders sorted alphabetically, and where I want them to be sorted according to the column by which I sort the file diplay. Sometimes I want this, sometimes that (in most cases I want folders to be alphabetically sorted irrespective of file sorting, but still often enough I want to sort them by column - in particular when I want to find the largest folder of a large list of folders.).
The setting however seems to be "fixed" according to the folder options - or am I mistaken and there is a command to overrule this temporarily?

Is there a way so that Dopus will treat "always sort folders alphabetically" as the default (for folders with that folder options setting), but allow the user to quickly sort the folders by size or modified date when this is so desired in a particular situation?

Set KEEPFOLDERSALPHA=Toggle will change it temporarily for the active folder tab. You can also explicitly turn it =On or =Off instead of =Toggle if needed.

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Thank you a lot, Leo.

I used the toggle command alongside with the a button that conveniently already exists (the one with the vertically aligned green-orange-blue squares and a sorting arrow).

I also made this additional button:

"Toggle between folder sorting by name and by size"

Set SORTBY=sizekb SortReverse=Off
Set SORTBY=name SortReverse=Off

Though this won't highlight the button depending on state - which does not matter for me because I'm using both buttons.

Is this a false memory: Has there been a time -- an old DOpus version -- where the default sort order for modified and name was identical in terms of the arrow shown in the gray sort columns? (i.e., that in the past, the arrow would show in the same directions for all columns as the default?) As in, that name would be a....z, and modified would be oldest....most_current? I was confused about the SortReverse option (also in Folder Options).

You can change whether columns default to smallest to largest or largest to smallest in Preferences / Display / Fields.

Thank you again for everything, Leo!