An easy way to convert my aliases to favorites?

Hi all,
This is my first post :slight_smile:
Is there an easy way to convert my aliases to favorites?


Don't think so, without manually editing the registry. How many do you have to convert?

Hmm, quite many, and I add new ones often. ideally, I'd keep only one list, having to update 2 is a pain.

This is important just because I'm using a plugin that lets you access your Dopus favorites in an "open/save" dialog form any application.

it leaves a shortcut to your favorites folder on the deskop.

But wait a second! surprisingly enough, right now if I doubleclick on it, it looks like it shows a link called "13aliases"... and it does what I want: access to my aliases from an "open/save" dialog.

That's great.
Thanks anyway. Looks like my problem is solved.