An older Version (v. of DOpus to download

Hello Community,
is it possible, and if it is, where can I download the Version in 64-bit (if possible in German, if not, in English is OK too) of DOpus?
I know, that in the main download-section of DOpus website the version is available to download,
but I need the v. in 64-bit.
I'm moving my work-PC from WinVista Ultimate 32-bit to > Win7 Pro 64-bit,
and the v. in 32-bit of DOpus was the best version-to-go for me,
especially because of the following case:
this v. was the only version that I know, which can show me the content of any external drive
after I had already shut down and removed the hard disc from my computer (so I had until now not to turn always the external disc on to see my files).
Or does somebody know if this is possible with other 9. versions of DOpus (in 64-bit)?

I would be very thankful for any help

OS: WinVista Ultimate, 32-bit (soon Win7 Pro, 64-bit)
DOpus v., Registered Opus User

No this is not available. Only the last version of Opus 9 is available for registered users.

Plus if you are using windows 7 then you should / must use Opus 10. Opus 9 does not fully support windows 7.

Upgrade to Opus 10. (Note the 40% registered user upgrade discount has officially ended but we'll be happy to extend this to you if you upgrade in the near future.)

On the drives issue, not sure to what you are referring. Opus never had the ability to show the contents of removed drives. (How is that even possible?)

I've seen this happen with all versions of Opus (incl v10)... I rather imagine it boils down to drive removal notifications not taking place correctly, or something like that. I've definitely seen this with respect to both USB drives and I "believe" even network drive mappings. But only when I've already had a lister open to one of those locations, and STILL had the file display pointed there when I've removed the device/mapping... if I actually try to navigate with the folders displayed - that usually causes things to wake up and I get the std "cannot read" error, etc. But there have been times when I have actually been able to browse into sub-folders to ~some extent - though, only to paths I had previously navigated through and whose directory listing I had always assumed was cached somewhere in the OS.

Thank You very much both of You,
yes, is it so like 'steje' describes, e.g. only when a lister is already open to one of those locations, then I have to navigate to another tab (path/folder which isn't removable), and then when I remove the removable device (independently if it is a USB, FireWire or Network-DriveMapping), Opus can still display me the 'just-removed' folder/path, when I return to this tab.
The only thing that I don't know still now, is that in my machine no other version of Opus except v. is able to display the removed folders after their removal; I've already tried all the 9th Versions until now, but not the v.10th (this would be actually the desired :slight_smile:).
This was the only reason by me, that I haven't update Opus to a newer version!

@ 'greg'
Many thanks also for Your offer to upgrade Opus to the 10th.

Before I do this, I would like to know, if somebody knows, whether I can use in the newer version (10) my saved-preferences from version 9. I mean the complete configuration of Opus (toolbars, statusbar, all preferences, keyboard-shortcuts, etc.)
Or shall I post a new thread about this?

Yep, Opus 10 will import your Opus 9 configuration.

You'll see the default Opus 10 toolbars, and we recommend trying them out as they have lots of new commands in them, but you can still turn your old Opus 9 toolbars back on again if you wish.

However, Opus 10 will (and is supposed to) change to another folder if you are viewing a drive or folder which is then removed or deleted. It'll usually go up a level until it finds something that still exists.

Showing things which are not actually there was never intentional. :slight_smile:

Hi 'leo', many thanks for Your answer!
If I have understood what You mean, in my case Opus will STILL be able to display the removed drive/folder in his tab with all of the attributes of the included files and folders (size, etc.) UNTIL I will try to go to another level - this is what I've found very practical:

STILL showing things which are surely yet intentioned :slight_smile:

Why do you want to see the folder listing for a drive that is no longer plugged in?

You can't do anything with the the displayed files/folders and it seems more misleading than useful to present them as if they are still there.

Because I can see f.e. which movies, audio files, data bases files, and everything else from my work exists in which version, and so in that way I can compare it without turning on any external drive (total eight 8 USB/eSata external discs), if i have to update something on them or not.
By default all removable devices in my system are deactivate/removed, and I turn them on only if i have to "write" something new on them: this is then happening only three or four times a day for a while.

But only if you happened to have the drive open already...

If you're confirming which things were recently copied, the File Log may be useful (depending on the amount of detail Opus is configured to log).

I'd probably take screenshots or save file listings (the Print/Export Folder command can generate them) to keep track of that info if I needed something similar.

No, leo,
the drive is already removed, and the specific tab/folder of this drive in Opus can still show me the content of this drive (except any navigation).
As i said, only in this version of Opus: running with WinVista Ultimate 32-bit.

I've just now tried with the trial version EN 32-bit by a laptop running Win7 Pro 32-bit:
Opus can't show me the content of the removed drive (which, as said, I had open in a Opus-tab before I shut it down).

Is there an option in Preferences that I could turn on this in version 10?

Many, many thanks for Your responses :slight_smile:

Opus 10 won't show you things that aren't there anymore (as I said earlier :slight_smile:).

Afaik Collections can show things that aren't there anymore.

Thank You very, very much for the link!
I've got the file and I'll test it in a new partition of Win7 Pro 64-bit, which I'm planning to install in a couple of days.
When my new PC with the new OS-Partition is ready, DOpus is one of the first apps which I have to install,
and I'll be back and report how does this going: v., 64-bit with Win7 Pro, 64-bit.
Many thanks again :slight_smile:

We won't support anything but the latest Opus 9 or Opus 10 version. By running such an old version of Opus 9 you are throwing out years of bug fixes and enhancements for one quirk (which itself was a bug in the minds of most people).

It's your computer so you can run whichever version you like, but you're on your own if you do. And you will run into problems running anything earlier than Opus on Windows 7.

Hi leo,
I can surely understand Your point of view, as regards the support as well as 'the throwing out years of bug fixes' and development on Your part.
Anyway, I didn't meant it in that way, as I said that I'll report what it's happening.

I have to make my experiences, so I'll definitely try it with this older version of Opus,
and highly probable I'll return again into the hug of Your support, after all buying and installing the new version 10, 64-bit.

Many thanks as always :slight_smile: