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Android file import crashes DO almost allways

I love Directory Opus, use it extensively across my Windows 10 Task Views so much I forget it is not part of the OS. I get aware painful usually whenever I plug my mobilephone/camera to import from the DCIM directory. 99 times out of a 100 it freezes DO (and I have to go something for the blood running down my forehead). ALL MY client DO tabs are gone, days of focusing minding my own business - not thinking perhaps my explorer will crash if I do this or that.

I HATE DIRECTORY OPUS THEN AND THERE but calm down seconds later, knowing there is nothing better than Directory Opus.

Please help. Is there some tweak I can do or is this simply a "feature" of Directory Opus?

The latest beta (12.15.1) has some changes to work around bugs in the Windows MTP stack which may help here.

But I'd also recommend using FTP instead of MTP as MTP just isn't a very reliable protocol (at least the way it is implemented in Windows, and often on the phone side too). As a bonus, FTP works over wifi instead of having to plug in a USB cable.