Annoyed With New Find Panel

I would like to submit my feedback about the new find panel. In version 9, I had it pop out and this was great because I had lots of room to view the results. Now I barely have 1/3rd of the lister's available viewing area to see my results. This is too small to be helpful. Please see my screenshot for details. Also, there is no way to move it to the left or right side of the results lister. Is there a way to have the search results pop out the way version 9 did?

See this thread for discussion about the new Find.

Regards, AB

It's not new. :frowning:

I have never been on Dopus9 (i did test install it when i tested Dopus10. so i am used to Dopus10 Find Panel from the very beginning. And what can i say? i luv it!! :sunglasses:
While i do know a nicer (=easier and more user-friendly and more powerful) search GUI, e.g. the Quick Search and Advanced Search and Search Summary panel of ***), I've never seen a such beautifully integrated search with any other file manager.

Maybe one day we run a taste poll on this topic ("How do you like DO10's New Find Panel?") :wink:

Or maybe i should test drive DO9 Old Find Panel :blush: