Any ETA on the Directory Opus 10 manual?

Will the completed manual be included in the new update or if not any eta on a released date?


The manual has previously been little more than (no less than) a the Help file in a different format.

These things can take time, especially if done properly. (Never, ever, leave it to the software's programmers to write a manual.) So better late then rushed.

In the meantime, why not have more meaningful links from the help file to web versions of the missing bits?

Too many links take you to the Directory Opus Resource Centre which turns out to be the start of this place.

I assume that these are incomplete because they are not the same as they were in Opus 9. Or else it would be a simple case of recycling the old text.

For example, if you find the section in the Help file that says "Keywords for Rename", you end up on that page. But where do I go when I get there?

I have come across several of those.

Here's a trick, to find them all, search the help file for "unfortunately". Delivers nearly 100 hits.