Any plan for upgrading the design?

As a many-year DOpus user, there is nothing else can be as powerful as DOpus and I am proud of it!

With the release of Win 11, we see a major change in the design language with is much cooler (personal idea). For example, the native file explorer gets more "modern", even the right click menu has changed, more concise and efficient.

Just curious will we see DOpus making rather big design upgrade to follow the similar style (maybe in next major version?). I recently noticed the Files project. It is still full of bugs and definitely offer way less functions than DOpus. But maybe at some point, a lot of normal users will find those are already sufficient for daily usage, with a much cooler view.

You can already space things out more in menus and toolbars, if you want. It's configurable, unlike File Explorer, and has been for many years.

If you have other suggestions, please be specific about what they are. "Upgrading" or "modernizing the UI" does not mean much on its own, and could mean different things to different people. Especially when so many "modern" UIs these days are absolute garbage.

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Thanks for the quick reply! I think I am referring more to Microsoft Fluent Design and curious whether DOpus is interested to adopt that at some point.

That's still not very specific, I'm afraid. Which aspect of Fluent design? Which version of it? (Microsoft keep changing it with each Windows release.) The website for it is just a load of marketing fluff with very little substance, so that doesn't tell us what you want.

We aren't going to turn Opus into the Windows Settings app, if that's what you mean. Almost everyone hates that UI and views it as a step backwards from the old Control Panel (not that Control Panel was perfect or without its issues; there was a lot of room for improvement there as well).

But if there are specific ideas that you think would improve parts of Opus, we're listening.

Re File Explorer, it really has not changed much over the years. Things are more spaced out (you can do that in Opus already, in general, and we have plans to make it more flexible for switching between mouse and touch on the same machine). And all the lines between things have been erased (which you can already do in Opus via Preferences if you want to not be able to see where one panel ends and the next begins or where the places you can drag are; it's already possible). Other than that, Explorer is the same underlying thing it's always been.


Just design DO like new Explorer yourself... use your prefered icons (or create own), colors, fonts, backdrops, listerstyle...

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Thanks for sharing these comments! I think I will just make some more custom modifications as @anon94230625 said.

Btw there are already themes with Win11/Explorer-style.

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