Any plans to support TagSpace's Sidecar tagging method?

Tagspace supports storing tag or description information in a sidecar file in a hidden .ts folder, are there any plans to support this in Directory Opus as well? A more detailed explanation of the sidecar approach:


No immediate plan, but if more people ask for it we'll certainly consider it.

Depending on what you need to do with the tags, you may be able to use scripting to get some things done/displayed already.


Thanks for the reply.

Hi, I would also be very interested. TagSpaces is very neat and can almost replace a document management system. I am not sufficiently advanced to write a Opus script that would extract the tags from JSON files and write them to the extended file properties, and vice versa. I am sure that is possible. Alternatively, if Opus would directly read/write the JSON files, that would also be a great progress.

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Yes, definitely a good idea.

@Dcz884 @zxmwc24 and other TagSpaces user: How do you handle this in Opus?

If you move or rename tagged files in TagSpaces it will take care of the sidecar file, which will also renamed or moved in the appropriate folder. But if you move or rename this file in an external file manager, you have to move or rename the sidecar files by hand.

I don't :slight_smile: One of the reasons I abandoned TagSpaces after all. Another was that the search function of TS did not really work well, I could not figure out what the issue was. So now I am back to manually writing tags to files with Opus, without the comfort of visual effects and drag&drop from a pre-defined list of tags... Is there any useful button/script in that respect that I may have overlooked?

Not sure, what kind of tags you are using, but maybe it's worth to check out Tagger, which i use to write lots of photography tags, in combination with some phrase editor, which expands shortcut characters to full tag names. Although the built in tag editor isn't bad either.

You can use buttons to add tags, like this one for single tags:

SetAttr META "tags:+tag0" 

Or this one, if you prefer a dropdown menu:

SetAttr META "tags:+{dlgchoose|Add a tag|tag1+tag2+tag3+tag4}" 

If you need a list of tags you currently use, this script can help:

This script can sync tags between files:

CopyMeta can copy tags from one file to other files:

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