Any updates on the Jobs bar arrow issue?

Could you please take another look on this problem? It was reported as fixed but is still present on 11.10 x64, can reproduce it every time.

How do you reproduce it?

I ctrl-c a large file, then ctrl-v a few times. The large green arrow appears on every paste.

I was finally able to replicate this; it should be fixed in the next update.

Look like it's been a very long time but i have to second this issue. It's distracting and disturbing.

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It was fixed years ago.

What's the exact issue that you're seeing?

What are the steps to reproduce it?

A green animated arrow appears at jobs bar when i start a new copy process. I couldn't find the option or command to disable it.

That isn't a bug. It's an optional feature you can turn off via the jobsbar_no_arrow setting mentioned in the post linked at the top of this thread.

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That's what i was looking for, thank you.