Any way to add the drive letter to a foldername in FOLDERCONTENT button?

I have a button that displays the contents of a collection in a dropdown list:

Go coll://CollectionName\ FOLDERCONTENT

I'd like to see the drive letter for each folder in the dropdown list, ideally before the folder name but after would OK. Is there any way to do that?

I don't think there is a way to do that, sorry.

If you hover over the menu items, it will show their full paths, if that helps.

Instead to a collection, you could point this command to a regular folder that contains links to your folders.

This button will create links prefixed with the drive letter:

Copy MAKELINK AS="{filepath|driveletter} {file}.lnk"

This adds the drive letter for the drive on which the shortcut resides, but what I need is the drive letter to the drive that the shortcut points to. However, if I create the shortcut on the drive that has the shortcut folder, then copy that shortcut over to the "shortcuts" folder, then this works.

Also, as you wrote it, it copies to whatever is the target folder, not the source folder. But this inspired me to dig into the COPY command and then the DELETE command to extend it to copy to the source folder, and to delete the files after making the new links. Great learning exercise that I would not have known how to get started on without your script. Here's what I ended up with:

Copy HERE/S MAKELINK AS="{filepath|driveletter} {file}.lnk"