Any way to edit the command history?

When I press > I can retrieve, edit and run previous commands. Is there a way to edit the list to remove the clutter that I no longer want to see in there? Thanks.

Preferences / Miscellaneous / Privacy

Edit: Dopus 13.

After opening the list, cursor up and then push Shift + Del to remove the highlighted item.

(Works in Opus 13, at least. Not sure when we added that off the top of my head.)

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Thanks but I think that might not be in DOpus 12

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I'd say it was added in DOpus 13.

Back at my PC now, and able to check.

It works in both 12 and 13, but I didn't remember the correct hotkey. You have to push Shift + Del (not just Del).

I've updated my post above in case people find it and don't see this correction.

Thank you, Leo, but shift-del? Seriously? It works though.

Yes, seriously. :slight_smile:

It's the standard hotkey for deleting entries from pop-up history lists.

Chrome uses exactly the same key (e.g. address bar and form/search history), as does a lot of other software.

Not a Chrome user and have been in IT for 39 years. Anyway, thank you. I have something that works.