Any way to refer to a favorite by name in a command?

For instance (something like this)

Go {favorite|MyFavoritePathHere} OPENINLEFT

That would open the folder named "MyFavoritePathHere"

I found mention of a form like this:

Go /name

But I could never seem to get that to refer to a named favorite. It always seemed to just try to open that literal folder name.

I realize I could set an Alias maybe. But I could have sworn I saw somewhere mention of a syntax that would allow you to refer to favorites by name.

Seems to work here, but not in conjunction with commands like OPENINLEFT.

I don't think there's any way to do that, outside of scripting (which can access the favorites list and pull paths out of it).

Without scripting, you could have an alias which is used in commands, and then point the Favorite to the alias to avoid defining the same path in two places.

Yes, defining an alias and then setting the Favorite to the alias and then referring to the alias in a GO command works just fine.

Many thanks for the pointer!

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