Any way to schedule commands?


Is there any way in Dopus to schedule a command? For example, I'd like to synchronize some files on a regular schedule. I don't need to do a "watched folder" thing -- not this time around anyway -- but merely have a synchronization job run at a set time interval.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


There's no way that I'm aware of. However you could put your DOpus commands in a simple batch file and schedule that to be run at set intervals. On my machine the task scheduler is located at START/ACCESSORIES/SYSTEM TOOLS/


You can also use dopusrt.exe with the appropriate command line switches directly in the task scheduler.

I've used this to perform scheduled backups in the past.

Revisiting this thread 12 years later - did Opus 12 have schedule sync @Leo ? I find the ability to sync two folders as a form of backup between drives is a key feature of Pro for me. But I am not sure if I can schedule a time to run sync - since the program sits on the system tray, it feels like it can do things while the PC is idle.

If you want fully automated, scheduled, background backups, you could do it using Opus, but it really isn't the best tool for that job. There are tools dedicated to the task (and even many of them fall short in some ways, depending on exactly what you want to do).

If you only want something simple, scheduling Robocopy or similar using the Windows Task Scheduler will give you that, and avoids having progress dialogs pop up. (Although be aware that Robocopy will silently ignore things with very long paths, despite Microsoft's claims to have fixed all those issues in Windows 10.)

Similarly, you could use the Windows Task Scheduler to trigger Opus commands (via dopusrt.exe), and use the Copy UPDATEALL command or similar, but you're going to have dialogs popping up unless you go out of your way to turn them off, and you'd be better off using a tool designed for background backups/synching, which is outside the scope of what Opus is for.

Technically, just a way to automate the "Tools-Synchronize" between source and destination is what I am looking for. I had a folder that is now synchronized. I will add/delete files in the future and would like the destination to be in sync. I could do it manually every time, but the problem with manual is that I might not remember to do so in the future.

It may sound simple to set up a schedule sync... unless, the Tools-Sync is meant for something that is not meant as a backup. Perhaps I misunderstand the Sync intention.

The DO sync tool is not accessible from scripting and also cannot be setup to run from a single button as far as I know. One option is to use robocopy.exe (comes with windows) and the windows task scheduler (also comes with windows). Search for any robocopy.exe and task scheduler tutorial out there and you have your scheduled sync up and running within minutes.