Any way to show a toast dialog

Is there any way to show a toast dialog with a simple message 'Folder Format Saved' ?
Preferably using a Directory Opus simple command.
If not how do I show a normal dialog with a message and press OK using a Directory Opus command that can be put in a button please.

Dialog without title bar.


#Requires AutoHotkey v2.0
Box(150, 50, "green", "Some text", "white", "s10")

Box(Width, Height, BackColor, Font, FontColor, FontSize) {
	Box := Gui("-DPIScale -Caption +LastFound -SysMenu +ToolWindow +AlwaysOnTop +E0x20")
	Box.BackColor := BackColor
	Box.Add("Text", 'c' FontColor " x" 10 " y" Height/2-6, Font)
	Box.Show("NoActivate w" Width "h" Height "x" A_ScreenWidth/2-Width "y" A_ScreenHeight/2-Height)
	settimer () => Box.Destroy(), -3000

See "Taskbar Notifications" about half-way down: Miscellaneous Scripting [Directory Opus Manual]

This is different and equivalent to AutoHotkey's TrayTip.