Anyone recognize this icon set

I talking about the green arrows in circles.
The upgrade switched them to the very simple and thin internal set that are thin and hard for my old eyes to see, especially with the background I use.
I searched for the old icons in my icon collection I've collected over the years and in the usual Windows DLLs. I wonder if Dopus 12 included an older icon set that got dropped in the upgrade.
I'm aware the internal Dopus 9 set has a green circle with arrows in them, but they are 3D and shiny and I want the flat design.

Those icons got replaced in the internal icon set, but if I have time tomorrow I'll make an icon set you can install which gives you back the old arrows.

Related: There is Alternative navigation icons and template which is a template for replacing those icons without affecting the others.


I've added an Opus 12 style icon set to that post - Alternative navigation icons and template.

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