Anyway to show all subfolders/next level of folders within the current view - similar to flat view

Basically – I have, let's say 10 folders. If I click a button, I'd like to see all contents within those folders such as subfolders and files within the first 10 folders, not like flatview, but would like to see the first level of those folders.

Lets say I'm in a folder that have 2 subfolders (Rock, Country), within each of those folders have hundreds of artist folders. If I click a button while at the main level (Rock, County), it will output all the subfolders and/or files within the rock and country folder only. It will not output the third level, meaning it will not show E:/Rock/ACDC/cover.jpg. It will only show ACDC subfolder

If it's for a fixed folder/path, you could set up a button which runs a Tools > Find Files preset.

For arbitrary folders (and, more specifically, folders that might be a different depths from the roots of their drives), I think the only current way to do it would be a script which adds the folder contents to a collection.

(We have some plans to make this easier without needing scripting.)