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Anyway to verify copied/moved files

would like to stop using teracopy, but like to the idea of being able to verify copied/moved files. Anyway to get dopus to do this. I can see this has been brought up before in help but cant see any replies.

many thanks :slight_smile:

There are ways to check if two files are the same after the copy, but no automated way to verify files during the copy. Like most things, Opus assumes the OS will take care of ensuring the data it says is written to a disk has really been written to the disk.

Out of interest, have you ever actually had a file fail the verification test?

thx 4 the replys...

Nvr had a file fail(nvr thought of it like that :slight_smile:), but have had problems with windows losing files when cut/pasting. Random crash/power cut etc. How do you guys deal with this?

We recently have had problems with files silently became corrupted after write operations due to a NAS having a defect memory module (probably in a range where the file cache was allocated).

I've had 1-bit differences in files due to a loose HD cable. So, for important files, a feature to byte-verify after copy would be rally handy...

I use this small freeware program to compare files and/or folders bit by bit (unfortunately the GUI is only available in Dutch.
You could ask the author to translate the program in English :slight_smile: )

Info (in Dutch, scroll down for the sourcecode):
Download: ...

Perhaps Opus could provide some command for file comparison so we could make our own buttons for that? Also that command could compare against single MD5, SHA-1 etc. hash (so we could make a button that asks for hash and verifies selected file against it).

That command when invoked would spawn its own progress bar window (current file, all files) with skip & abort buttons and when over would report which files are matching and which not (how? I dunno). That would be one sexy feature!

A bit like the synchronize tool? :slight_smile:

is it possible to setup a button that would copy/move then do a sync test on just the copied files?

Not easily, no.

Since you've never had this fail, do you really want to make every copy take twice as long just in case it happens? I'm not saying it won't happen, but I wouldn't want to put up with the huge performance hit of verifying every file on the off chance that it did, and if I backup vital data then it's usually just one or two files (easily to manually compare via a button) or entire directories (also easy to compare via a button or the sync tool).

There's also always the possibility that the data becomes corrupt after you copy it (or the real possibility that the data on disk is corrupt but reading it back right after it was written doesn't reveal the corruption because the part that's corrupt on-disk was still in the HDD's internal buffer which is used even if the files are read back "unbuffered" at the OS level). If you need verification you probably want it to be done repeatedly, as a scheduled backup tool might. Or using archives, which you can test every so often to ensure they're still consistent.

Thx for the reply. Do you have some script I could use to set a compare button? TIA

I have 3 copies of important files on separate drives, that are checked each night with sync software. Like you say best way to be sure is regular checking. I'm mainly concerned about losing data during a move op(i do a lot of moves). I lost files during this procedure before. Teracopys copy then paste then verify then delete source is useful here.

I use one of the Beyond Compare buttons for quick compares.

There's also the Bin F button on the Diff/Merge Toolbar if you want to use a simple comparison tool built into windows, although that's only good for one file at a time.

Or you can open the Synchronize panel and use that in MD5 mode.