Appearing of hidden drive

Hello. Is there a funny bug or feature? I have a hidden drive O: in Fixed Drives button and when i use a button to open "program files" in destination's newtab, my hidden disk suddenly appears on both listers)) when i switch {s} and {d} - it hides again.

a go button:
go /programfiles OPENINDEST NEWTAB=findexisting


What is the code for the drive buttons there? (And any other drive buttons next to them on the same toolbar.)

O: is an encrypted VeraCrypt's disk, may be this is important

The keydown/shift stuff may be the cause. I don’t think that would work like that, and it might cause the drives to change depending on if shift was down when unrelated things update the toolbar. Try removing it.

yes))) without shift works fine.
brought it back - the same problem))
even when i click on C: drive with keydown/shift - the problem repeats
and no C: folder appears in dest, the same drive stays.

You should be able to use the Go command’s KeyArgs argument to do the same thing without it causing problems.

a little bit strange. press on C: button with shift in {s} - opens C: in {d} with O: drive appearing, then press E: (removable drive) with no keys - it opens in the {s} instead of {d}.


and yes, KEYARGS works as it should with shift option