Apply a command to each selected files separately


I'm trying to execute this command to a set of files:

 SetAttr FILE {f} META "title:{o|noext}"

The command runs fine for a single selected file (copies the filename as title at meta info) but when multiple files are selected, the name of the first file is copied at every title field of all the files, instead of this, I would like each file to run this command sepparately, is this possible to do ?

Btw, I've run this command at the CLI console, but when trying from the script interpreter, it does not run (I'm new here and not sure how the script thing works).

That is the internal command being clever, which usually makes sense but not in this case.

You can force Opus to run the command like it was an external program like this:

dopusrt /cmd SetAttr FILE {f} META "title:{o|noext}"

That should make it do what you want.

Hi Leo, thanks for the quick answer!

So I'm trying to run that command you indicated from opus CLI console but says "unknown command".

What am I doing wrong ? Is this command supposed to run from cmd ? I've also tried but "dopusrt" is not recognized, so I tried to use the full path to the .exe and then attached the rest of the command, but did nothing at all.

It needs to go into a button.

Thanks Ixp, assigning the function to a button worked fine, thank you so much, also to Leo :slight_smile: