Apply new name while inline renaming and switching folder

Let's say we see 2 folders.
I navigate to one of them and rename (inline) a element (for example a file).
I do not press Enter to apply the change.
But I switch to another folder in folder tree, where I need to rename another element.

At the moment the element will not be renamed. Can it be changed?

You should complete the rename before changing folders.

But can it not be implemented?

The same way it works with click in to the empry area. Inline editor disapers and my chenges "are" commited.
So if I change the forlder, then the inline editor disapers to, but it don't save my changes.

For user the change "is" approved and commited when he no longer look at the inline editor and look/do actions somewhere else and not after he pressed enter.

What I think is: Every change inside inline editor without pressing excape key should be commited.

Small forgotten Info:
I have tried the same actions in Windows Explorer, and it works perfect.
Windows Explorer commits my changes, when I navigate to another folder.