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Apply saved filter - single button, one click


I want to create a button that applies a saved advanced filter to the current tab. Is this possible, or do I always have to do it in at least 3 clicks (open Find panel > Select filter > Apply)?

I know there is the UTILITY command, so I want to do something like:

Set UTILITY=find, filter="My Saved Filter"

Any way to do this?


You can do it using the Select command, if you’re aiming to filter what’s displayed in the current folder.

Or you can use the Find command, if you’re aiming to do a recursive find in and below the current folder.


Thanks, Leo. I want to apply the filter recursively to the folder in the currently focused tab. So from the manual for the File command:

Find NAME image_files IN C:\Pictures FILTER

Where I guess image_files would be the name of my filter. Is there a way to reference the path of the current folder though, ie. something like:

Find NAME my_filter IN {current_path} FILTER



OK, I think it’s {sourcepath} right? So now I have:

Find NAME my_filter IN {sourcepath} FILTER

It’s certainly doing something- it’s searching, and the tab is replaced with a file collection- but it’s empty, ie. the filter is not working as it should. What am I doing wrong…?


Forget it, works perfect, thanks! Note that if your filter name consists of several words with spaces you need to contain them in quotes ie:

Find NAME "My Filter" IN {sourcepath} FILTER

And of course you can hit ctrl+F at any time and edit “My Filter” with as many complex clauses as you like. I love Dopus! :slight_smile: