Applying Filefilter to a Saved Layout

I used Saved Layouts pretty extensively and call most of them from buttons on custom menus I've created for different tasks. The bulk of them are dual listers, which I use for moving files from one location to another. And most of my custom buttons are three-buttons, so I can open a Saved Layout with left-click and pass alternate values into it with a right-click.

For example, I have a Saved Layout that displays the desktop directory on the left (source) and the Windows Pictures folder on the right (destination). The source is filtered to show only image types (.*(jpe|jpeg|jpg|png|etc|etc)) and display them in thumbnail view — which makes it easy to grab images from the desktop and move them into the appropriate folders.

I call it from the button with this simple function:

Prefs LAYOUT="Desktop » Pictures"

Sometimes I want to move files from the desktop to my network archive of pictures. For that, I right-click and execute this function from my button:

Go "/desktopdir" DUALPATH="\\PATH\to\Network Location" LAYOUT="Desktop » Pictures"

... but I don't get the filter and thumbnail view that I get when I call the Saved Layout as-is.

I've tried this:

Go "/desktopdir" FOLDERCONTENT="filefilter=.*(jpe|jpeg|jpg|png|etc|etc)" VIEW=thumbnails DUALPATH="\\PATH\to\Network Location" LAYOUT="Desktop » Pictures"

... but the filter isn't applied, and the thumbnail view is applied to BOTH listers in the Saved Layout. (Ideally, I'd like it to be applied only to the source lister while the destination retains its default folder format.)

Any tips/advice/ideas?

Using Go LAYOUT just gets you the window size/layout, without overriding how the directories themselves are display.

You might be able to do what you want using a Style rather than a layout (with the filters in the style's folder formats).

If it was me, I'd probably just save copies of the layout with the other folder combinations, since that is the most simple way to do things. (More layouts to update if you want to make a change to them all, of course).

Go FOLDERCONTENT is only for turning the contents of folders into menus.