Applying Image to Background

Greetings All,
I would like to use an image background in my file display window. It seems that any of the Nudel images are very washed out and hardly visible. I don't have this problem with one of my own images. Is there a setting to tweak the image display? Does anyone have this problem?
Thanks for any info.

A number of factors control how a background image displays in DOpus. Whether the image is shared, tiled, stretched, etc. However opacity is not an option that I know of although I rather wish it was. Also, how a background image appears depends upon other DOpus settings, for example the size and colors of the fonts.

All this combined is why I make all my own backgrounds. By creating my own I can make them as light/dark or as large/small as I want.

I found this as well when I switched LCD displays and graphics cards... But everything else was very washed out as well, so I adjusted the colour correction profile in the advanced display properties and now everything looks much better, including my background images.

I thought about doing different background images that would work better on default washed-out LCD displays but I figure everything looks awful on them so it's better to adjust the colour profile...

This profile worked for me. It's based on trail and error rather than scientific calibration (which I tried a while ago and didn't like :slight_smile:):