Applying themes doesn't change anything

If I try to import a theme, it doesn't change anything.

I can choose one of the different themse & either load or double-click on it, then it tells me Opus will restart automatically.

Opus doesn't restart but automatically. When I restart it manually, it's exactly the same.

Am I doing something wrong?

Can you give an example theme you've downloaded? By saying you can select to 'Load' the theme and that somethign says Dopus will reload automatically, I guess you do indeed enter the 'Lister Themes' dialog... If Dopus is NOT restarting automatically then something certainly sounds wrong...

Apart from trying different themes, it's worth checking that Opus can exit normally. In other words, does telling it to shut-down (e.g. via the tray menu) actually shut it down?

Sometimes something can go wrong and prevent Opus from exiting, for example if Opus is waiting for a command to run or, say, a plugin to generate a thumbnail. (For example, if you've got a dodgy video codec then that might be tying up the thumbnail-generation thread for ages which might prevent Opus from exiting when asked to.)

It has worked in the past because I've managed to change the theme to Outlook 2003 silver. But I can't now get it to change to anything else - not even back to plain. When it says it's restarting & doesn't, it leaves a process running. Even if I stop this (by using Task Manager) & restart it manually, it still doesn't change the theme.

It's no big deal - the program works fine, I'm just curious, that's all.

Nope - can't get it to change themes - not even back to the default (plain) one.

I could re-install but I'd lose my settings.

Anyone got any ideas?

Well, you could export your settings and either compare with someone elses to see if there is anything obvious that might affect Theme changes... or go ahead and reinstall; THEN try and change Themes again to see if it works BEFORE re-importing your settings back.

At least then you'll know if the problem is being caused by some sort of Opus setting or not. If so, there should be a way to fix whatever conflicting setting might be causing it... but as Nudel suggested, it could be something not quite 'settings' related that will still haunt you even after a reinstall.

Maybe first you can try disabling all plugins and thumbnails options to hopefully avoid the possibilty Nudel mentioned of something external being 'invoked' by Opus, then try again before uninstall/reinstall/reimport/etc...