Archive attribut not set when moving between partitions

When I copy a file with no archive bit set from c: to d: dopus will set the archive bit on the new file on d:, when I move it from c: to d: there won't be an archive bit

When moving within a drive the archive bit is set.

How can I change this behaviour? I always want to have the attribut set when a new file is created and there is a new file in the destination after moving it from the source.

Thanks in advance.

Of course the preserve attributes option is set off and mark copied files as archived and mark original files after beeing copied are off, too.

It looks like Opus always preserves the attributes of moved files.

Perhaps the logic is that if you move a file on the same partition then it's really a rename and the attributes will be preserved in those Move operations (unless Opus resets the attributes of files moved on the same partition, which would be unusual), so Opus makes the same thing happen when you move files across partitions. Just a guess, though.

If you'd like it to be changed or an option added to turn on/off the behaviour when moving, you should write to GPSoftware support via the link in my signature.