Archive enhancement suggestions

I'm not sure if these ideas have been discussed previously (or if they are buried in the preferences and I haven't been able to find them...), but there are two enhancements that I'd love to see added to DO's support for archives:

  1. Allow a user to enter a list of passwords that DO would try when it encounters a password protected file. If none of the passwords in that file match, then DO could ask the user for a password.

  2. At the end of a successful extract operation (i.e., no errors), DO should ask the user if the archive files should be deleted.




No love?

I like the first advise

Thanks for the suggestions!

I thought of a few more (hopefully simple!) enhancements that could be made to archive processing:

  1. Even if DO doesn't include a list of passwords, perhaps it could remember the password entered by the user and continue to try that password if the user has selected several files to be extracted (thus saving the user from entering the password over and over and allowing the extraction process to proceed unattended).

  2. This one is probably simple, but may be slightly difficult to explain. Let's say that I have the following files:


If I selected all of those files and tell DO to extract them, the process will begin to work as expected, but when DO gets to Album1.part2.rar it will generate an error because that file is not the first file in the archive set. The same will happen with the other .part2 and .part3 files. Thus, to avoid errors, a user needs to be careful to only select the .part1 file for extraction. So, I wonder if it would be possible for DO, when it encounters a .part2 (or .part3, .part4, etc.) to check whether it has already processed the associated .part1 as a part of that extraction process and, if so, not generate the error?

Thanks as always!

Both available if you use WinRAR or 7-Zip directly.

2 (in the later post, not 2 in the first post) could be done with a script that you run instead of your existing Extract command. It could apply any (de)selection rules you like to the file list before running the Extract command.

With rar files, you'll probably need some special logic to catch all the different naming conventions for the first part (which is sometimes .rar, .r00, .r01 or .part1.rar depending on who made the archive).

Edit: 2 in the first post could probably be done similarly as well, although I'd be careful about deleting anything automatically.

Good points, Leo. I'd forgotten about the different naming conventions. I'm still a bit scared of scripting, but I may play with that a bit. Maybe. Perhaps.

I understand that WinRAR (which I use) has that functionality included, but I'd really prefer not to have to switch back and forth between multiple apps.

If you're just extracting archives (not going inside them, or doing anything complicated like filtering, etc.), then running WinRAR from Opus would just mean seeing a different style of progress dialog while the operation happens. The rest can be automated and you wouldn't see the main WinRAR window at all.

How would I run WinRAR from Opus? I know that I could create a button to launch WinRAR but that's still causing me to jump back and forth between different apps. Is there a way that I can select the files that I want to extract in Opus and then (easily) have WinRAR handle the extraction to the Opus destination folder?

Lots of examples here: WinRAR Compress/Decompress Buttons (and other)

I was able to use one of those scripts to create a button that allowed me to queue up files to be extracted via WinRAR, but doing so was of no benefit over the native capabilities of Opus. Each file is passed to WinRAR separately so I had to enter a password (or select a password from the list) for each file. Thus both programs did the same thing just with a slightly different interface. So I reverted to just using Opus. Now if we could just get Opus to have a list of passwords or to remember passwords...