Archive without zipping

Is it possible to archive data in a folder structure without sending it to a zip file? Zipping large amounts of data is very slow. All I'd like to do is move files older than 7 years to a different location and preserve the folder path.

If you just want to speed things up, you can make Zip files without compression (select the fastest compression mode, usually called "Store").

Or you can copy the files/folders instead of zipping them at all. Paths can be preserved when copying.

I think we need more detail to help with the "preserve the folder path" part of your question, since paths are preserved by default. Can you give an example of what you're doing where the path isn't preserved automatically?

If you want to select a file anywhere and have it copied to a particular folder with the full path to the source file (minus the drive letter), Opus can do that, for example.

What I want to be able to do is search for folders older than 7 years and then move the search results to a different location while preserving the folder structure in the same way it works when zipping them. How do I do that?

Use a Copy Filter.!Documents/Filtered_Operations.htm