Are there any plans to add Directory Opus to Steam (or Microsoft Store)?

I apologize if I'm asking a question that has already been answered before: are there any plans to add Directory Opus to Steam (or the Microsoft Store)?
I understand that not everyone agrees with convenience of such services, but they simplify payments from different regions and act as a license manager for many applications at once. In the context of one program, having to save a key or remember login for a site seems like a small thing, but a need to bother with this and making exceptions is a really repulsive factor when purchasing. Also in the case of Steam, the launcher itself doesn't interfere with the user, because purchased programs can work with a completely closed Steam client (for example, paid DisplayFusion or free ShareX)
I don’t know whether the author has any principled position on this matter or whether this is simply an insufficiently demanded request. It is quite possible that I don't notice any pitfalls, and/or I underestimate the problems with paying off the store commission. In any case, I hope this message didn't sound rude, I would just like to hear a detailed answer. Thank you

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But you DO know how high are cuts for these stores, don't you?

Can't an author of the application just set the price taking into account the commission? I mean if it is sold on Steam at a higher price due to the presence of a commission, then people who want to save money will still be able to buy the product directly, and people who prefer to pay extra 30% for convenience can buy for a higher price