Are there any plans to further improve Recycle Bin handling?

It would be perfect for it to reflect the formatting (padding etc.) of the usual folder formats, because currently it still feels very alienated. Having a dark mode is a good step forward (at least RB doesn't flashbang me all the time and is actually usable now), but there still more to improve.

I understand it's the system who renders RB, but maybe you've found a solution just like you did for a dark mode?
What are the difficulties to actually re-create it from scratch just like you do with "This PC" lister?

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It's something we've been thinking about, but low priority as you can't do much in Recycle Bin except undelete files. So most of what Opus adds won't work in that folder anyway.

Understandable, but still will hope for it :slight_smile: This is just one of those little details to finish for a truly perfect product.