Ascii-based FTP not working


Just tried to acces a ftp site and dopus couldn't connect.
WinXplorer could access it without problems except for a a message warning about read-only folder due to proxy server configuration.

The look of ftp site is text-only one.

Tried all comninations of settings but dopus stills reject to read that site.

Also, Dopus cannot browse the web, doesn't it?


Is there any useful information in the FTP log? (Tools, Output Window in the default lister menu.)

You can view locally-stored web pages in the viewer pane but that's about it. Presumably you don't want to use Opus as a normal web browser (can't see why anyone would) but instead want to use it to view websites as if they were directories, e.g. to easily download all the images off a page or similar? It'd be a neat feature for a Virtual File-System plugin that someone might want to write...