Aspect-Orianted Picture-Converter

Hi there,

i´m just thinking about a way to achive the following effect.

I´ve a lot of Pictures with different aspect-ratios. Some are Portrait, some are Landscape. Now i want to scale the Landscape-Pictures to a width of 900 Pixel and the Portait ones to a height of 750 Pixels.

I was thinking about a script witch looks for the x and y of the picture and if x is greater than y (aka Landscape) then scale pic to width of 900 and else scale to a height of 750. I´ve no idea how to script the converter.

Any suggustions (or even code)



You can specify 900x750 as the size, and the image will be resized to fit into that rectangle, covering both cases. e.g.


That's assuming you don't want your max 900-wide landsape pictures to be taller than 750.

If you want completely different bounds for each type of image, your best bet is to sort the images by width or by aspect ratio, then run something different on each of the two sets.

Hi leo,

fast as always. Does this also affect the Dialog Box of the Picture Conversion ???

I´ll give it a try


Yes, the dialog box has similar options.