Aspect Ratio unspecified for PNG

There seems to be a weird issue with the Aspect Ratio column. While it is able to sort it fine, all my .PNGs are not grouped correctly however and are just put in "Unspecified".

It seems that only my jpgs are correctly grouped by aspect ratio, and a handful of gifs (but not all) and ... one or two pngs.

It would be nice if all images was grouped correctly. I specifically wanted to be able to quickly sort by cropped (1:1) and uncropped in this case

I can't reproduce that so far. Is the aspect ratio reported correctly for those PNG files, if you switch to Details mode?

Yes, and it seems to be other files too not just png.
I uploaded 3 samples that are not grouped correctly.



Thanks! I see the issue when testing with those images.

We don't currently have aspect ratio groups/buckets for square images (only various landscape ratios like 4:3 and 16:9) so they end up in the "unspecified" (i.e. "other") category.

We're going to improve that very soon.

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