Assign FTP Site to Drive Letter or Directory (like Z: or C:

I don't think DO does this but it would be real nice if I could have DO assign an FTP site to a drive letter or directory. As I think of it, since DO is an application (not a service) that may be tricky, so I suspect that it doesn't do that right?

The questen then is...

"Which OTHER program works best for this?"

I have used InternetNeighborhood in the past and I suppose I could try that again but I remember there were some issues with it. I would appreciate any suggeations from satisfied users.

Directory Opus Rocks!

BTW - I'm running XP Pro SP2

TIP - If you have NOT checked out the "Remote Desktop" feature of XP Pro you are missing a great program. This is a reason by itself to run Win XP! :smiley:

Lance Bledsoe

You're correct in that Opus doesn't have this feature.

(Opus can browse FTP sites as if they were normal directories, but it won't mount them as a drive letter so that other programs can see them as well.)

I'm not sure what the best solution is in terms of other programs. Sorry!

I disagree. I think that VNC does a much better job and works across most platforms (Win95 upwards, Linux, PocketPC, MacOSX etc., even Nokia Series 60 phones!). UltraVNC for Windows platforms is the fastest and most featureful, but is compatible with "ordinary" VNC so works with all other VNC servers on any platform.

Yes, VNC is very nice too. I use both. For Windows XP Remote Desktop is much faster and handles things like login, screensize, updates, etc. better (IMHO). The fact that the desktop is resizeable is rally neat.

However, I can't honstly disagree with you because VNC is a wonderful, "free" product and I fully support those guys (as opposed to the "rat bastards" at Microsoft" :slight_smile: )

I guess the point I wanted to make was that I'm really stoked about the Remote Desktop feature in XP and it's made the fact that I use several computer on a local network much easier (and yes I use VNC with my LINUX boxes...)

I use both - VNC pumps up the CPU on production Windows servers though, so it can cause trouble. Terminal Services is pretty well-behaved.

Well i would like to see this feature too. They are no real choices for third party programms, most of them are crap, imo.