Assign JPG "date digitized" & "date taken" from "date created"

I need to batch process hundreds of .jpg files to edit image metadata to populate blank "date digitized" and and "date taken" fields with date and time data from the "date created" field.


SetAttr META datedigitized:createdate datetaken:createdate!Documents/Keywords_for_SetAttr_META.htm

Thank you for your quick response! I have never used any programming language in Opus. I have no clue as what to do with the "SetAttr META datedigitized:createdate datetaken:createdate" or where to plug that in to batch process the image files. I apologize for my lack of experience.

Make a button from it. How? All covered here:

You can also do the same thing from the Metadata Editor panel.

Select all the JPGs you want to change, and there's a menu next to the various date fields which lets you copy other dates into them:

To All, thank you very much for the suggestions. I was able to accomplish what I needed to do! I now have a button that lets me change the metadata. Very appreciated!

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