Assign Label with Filter to Column Only


just created a date filter to assign a label to files modified within one week - works perfectly well.

Currently this assignment colorizes the complete row. Is it possible to colorize just, e.g. the Modified column?


No, unfortunately only the whole row can be colorized.

OK, understood. Thanks for your reply, though.

I'm new, but it appears that you can assign custom icons based on dates. They have to be to the left of the names though.

You can have labels which add extra icons into the Status column, which can be anywhere you want in the list of columns.!Documents/Opus12/File_and_folder_labels.htm

I was just coming back to post a reply because I stumbled upon Status Icons in Preferences > Favorites and Recent > Labels.
Below is a nice screenshot with status icons on the right. I only see how to assign a label to a static date range though... Not, for example, From: Today, To: -7 days.


for example, Date - Match - Modified - Within 1 week.

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So did I to colorize a row :smile: