Assign title bar name to lister?

Lister title bars show the name of the current folder, with or without the full path depending on the setting chosen by the user in Prefs --> Listers --> Options. Is there any way to override this by assigning a fixed lister title? I suspect not but I thought I'd better check before submitting a feature request.

I make extensive use of saved single listers, each aligned to a specific project. When several are open concurrently it's not always easy to pick the right one from the XP taskbar since project related folder structures often have the same set of sub folder names - e.g. Requirements, Risks, Schedules, etc..

Regards, AB

Don't think it's something you can do at the moment. You can rename folder tabs but not the main window title (beyond the option you've already found).

OK. Thanks.

I have submitted a feature request.

Regards, AB

I'm having exactly the same problem as aussieboykie here:
I'm working in several projects in parallel. I organize my work in one lister per project, which works good so far.
The project folder structure is fixed by corporate design.
Typically I leave the listers open during sessions to remind me the current work status.
Since the folder structure is identical, for >3 projects in parallel it really becomes a hassle to find the right lister.

DO options:
So far the title bar in DO can hold the folder name or the full path of the currently active tab, optionally preceded by the lister layout in brackets.

My attempts so far:

  1. Using the lister layout name
    This means in practice that I have to organize the projects in lister layouts.
    I'd have to save and close all open lister layouts before I switch off the computer.
    I' have to reopen all layouts after the next DO start.
    DO doesn't allow to reopen the layouts open in the last session (open listers get a "openlisters" in brackets instead of the layout name after restart).
    Only one (fixed) layout can be specified for opening in the prefs.

  2. Lister renaming by external programs (ahk, AutoIt, ...)
    There is no unique property to identify listers between sessions:

  • the class is "dopus.lister" for all listers
  • handle is unique, but changes between DO sessions --> no way identify the same lister after computer restart (we are forced to shut down)
  1. one tab dedicated to holding the name
    I tried to "abandon" one tab for holding the project name (pointing to a directory with a proper name).
    But I'd have to make this tab active after every action again; also it is a waste of tab bar space.

In summary, only option 1 works at all, although it is pretty inconvinient.

There are other suggestions / ideas?

This doesn't seem to be required by a lot of people (~5 threads in the last years).
On the other hand it seems to be straightforward to implement (additional entry in openlisters.oll + checkbox + dialog), that I will fire a feature request again.



We'll look at adding this in the next update.


This kind of user orientation made me happily paying for this program.


I wish all of you a peaceful Xmas time.


Not sure what you had in mind, but I could see an extension to the Go command making sense (Go TITLE=) as well as preserving a named lister title as part of saved Layouts, maybe Styles.

While you're at it though... by adding this capability, it could also be quite useful to be able to activate or otherwise bring into focus a particular lister using the assigned title bar name. Just thinking a bit about the other recent thread re: opening pre-filtered windows.

As an aside, someone just requested something for folder tabs that I think would be useful (for some people) here as well... namely: to be able to use a variable (OP suggested %D) to include the current folder name in user specified title.

...I could see myself using such a feature in BOTH lister titles and folder tab names. I'd even go one further and ask for a drive letter code as well... maybe %D for drive letter actually - and %F for the folder name. Just theorizing...

Thanks for the suggestions!

+1 for giving listers a unique title/name.

I have several listers open that all start in the same root folder. When these are minimised, I can't tell which is which as they all start with the same path, eg: "C:\Projects\Clients..."

Some sort of option in Settings -> Layouts & Styles -> Layouts would be great, eg, a new column "Title Bar Text" -- if user enters something, use that on title bar/minimised taskbar tabs, otherwise fallback to normal path display.

The ability to do that has already been added to the latest beta versions.