Assigning icons to folders

please tell me how to change the folder icons? I see this page:

...however, if I click "File Icon: Browse", I see nothing:


I have the default icons installed:

I am expecting to see the default icon set showing up when I click ""File Icon: Browse". Am I missing something?

Thank you

I did it this way :
First make a label with a folder icon of your choice

Then make the label assignment


As for browsing to an .ico of your choice click this button :

No way of accessing the inbuilt icon sets afk.

Instead of listing all the drive letters, you could have a single line for *:\.

But doing this will also mean losing the special icons some folders have, which isn't ideal.

Changing the system-wide default folder icon is probably better, although I'm not sure how you do that in Windows these days. The "obvious" registry changes I found didn't seem to work, but there must still be a way to do it.

As an aside, if you only want to change the icons of individual folders, using the standard Properties dialog is the way to do that, since it will work outside of Opus as well.

Thank you Darren and Leo.
Please tell me, what is the reason there is a page for Toolbars > Icons? I assume from your answers that this is only for Toolbars and not for customising the appearance of folders at all, yes?

Yes for toolbars. There are sets of dopus icons on this forum (.dis), that is where you install them.

The page is for selecting toolbar icons.