Assigning label to a folder issue

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create new folder D:\Folder.
  2. If you label it now, label is assigned to folder itself (Properties SETLABEL=Frequent) and the folder is not visible on the list in Settings / Files and Folders Labels. Unlabel it (Properties SETLABEL=!reset ).
  3. Now open Windows' properties dialog, choose Customize (it might be different, I don't know english name for this option) and Change Icon. Choose an icon from shell32.dll (my choose was the first icon in set).
  4. Assign Frequent label again. The folder (D:\Folder) is shown in the list.
  5. Move the folder to D:\1 so the path of the folder is now D:\1\Folder. The folder is not labeled now (but it should be)

I consider this a bug.

One more routine:

Do the same but don't unlabel the folder in step 2.
Then, in step 5 the folder is labeled, but using Properties SETLABEL=!reset on it does not unlabel it. If I move this folder to D:\ again, I'm also unable to unlabel it.

You can also look at my settings.

If you customize the folder it has the read-only flag set on it (since the Windows shell abuses that attribute for its own purposes on folders, wrongly assuming it doesn't do anything). That's probably blocking the ADS metadata from being written to the folder, so Opus falls back on the other method of storing the label.

If it is that, we should be able to make Opus handle the situation better.

Ok, thank you for investigation.

My guess was correct, and the next beta will handle this situation.