Associate DO with RAR files

I know it was posted in the mailing list, but I lost that message. How do you associate DOpus with RAR files so it's the default handler?

On a side note, when is the search going to work on this forum?

Nevermind -

Would still like to know about searches though :slight_smile:

Search works for me. What problem are you seeing? Maybe it's disabled for non-admins or something silly (not on purpose, I assure you!).

Maybe he's talking about what I see sometimes... where after doing a search and trying to go into one of the resulting hits, you get a 'no permissions' message? I can't remember what type of search I do when I get this, and I can't seem to run into it now. Maybe it happens when I'm not logged in and I do an Advanced Search?

Attached is a screen of the advanced search options I'm seeing. Note this is in Opera, but I also see the same in Firefox. It's not a browser thing as I checked source and it just doesn't contain any text for the inputs. Empty tags are there which I expect are meant to contain the labels.

EDIT: Let me try that again. PNG's aren't allowed as attachments.

DOUBLE EDIT: It seems JPG's aren't allowed either. Third time's a charm.

TRIPLE EDIT: Ummm... GIF doesn't work either. Exactly what filetypes are allowed to be attached to a thread? Nevermind, take my word for it, the Advanced Search has a bunch of options but no labels beside the options.

The other problem is that if I do a search it lists the forum, author and date but not the thread. If I click on the forum link I get and error saying I don't have access.

I'm surprised I'm the only person to report it. I've been experiancing this pretty much since the Resource Centre was created.

Ah, if you use the box Search over on the left sidebar then it works fine.

But if you use the Search drop-down above forum posts it doesn't work for some reason.

I don't know enough about Xoops to understand why (nor why we can't attach things). I guess it's a job for TMA (The Main Admin). :slight_smile: