Associate item in search results with filter that matched it?

In the search results pane:

On my machine this is titled:

File Collenctions >

I am confused as to why some line items showed up in a search.

I am looking through the list of filters and I am not seeing anything that allowed that result to appear.

In fact, it should have been filtered out.

I am sure there is a reason it is in the list, I'm just not sure why.

Is it possible to click on the line item in question and see the filter (from my filter list) that allowed that item through?

My filter list has ~20 items in the filter.

Did you turn off the Find panel option to clear the old results before adding the new ones in? If so, you may be accumulating results from multiple searches.

If it's not that then you need to show us your search criteria, and some examples of things which you think shouldn't match but do, in order for us to help.

In the Utility Panel > Find, I am seeing the list of folders that I want as the source for my search.

Now I want to lock that or save that somewhere so that if I reboot my machine, I can come back and pull up that search (with a list of source folders), that are associated with my filter list (~20 filters)

Currently if I close and relaunch dopus, my list of source search folders are gone and I have to recreate the list.

If I click the lock icon just above the list of directories, the list disappears - which is not what I would expect.

I'm not sure how to save and retrieve my list of source folders for a search.

I'm not sure what the lock icon is for and why it clears my source folders.

This seems separate to the questions the thread is about and what we were just talking about. Was it meant for a different thread?

It also seems contrary to what you mentioned in other recent threads, where you want different search filters to be applied to different folders, unless I misunderstood the aim.

my intention was to create a new thread, new issue.

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