Attribute Change Date+Time - make time optional?

In case of updating date stamp of multiple files allow user to optionally leave the time unchanged, e.g. with a (new) tag box.
This to avoid having a number of files, all having the exact date and time.


Thanks for the suggestion, we'll add this in the next update.

When I try:

  • SetAttr MODIFIED "10:10:10" : Date change to current day.

  • SetAttr MODIFIED "20170405" : Time change to 00:00:00.

Can you add possibility to set only date or only time by command too?

Yes that's how it'll work in the next version.

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Thanks a lot!

Help file need to be update for MODIFIED as CREATED argument.

If you specify a time as well as a date the time must come after the date, separated by a space, and you must enclose the entire value in quotes (because of the embedded space). If only a time is provided, the current date is used.


Is that from the F1 help or the web help?

F1 help :wink: